Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Dispute Resolution (ADR)

AL SHAMSI & PARTNERS has an extensive and comprehensive experience in dispute resolution either amicably or through litigation procedures. Our experience in amicable settlement of dispute cemented by our conciliation practices in a lot of complex cases. In case of failure of amicable settlement rout, AL SHAMSI & PARTNERS can provide the following litigation services:

dispute resolution in dubai

1. Filing lawsuits before all kinds of courts in various kinds of civil, commercial, administrative, labor and criminal disputes.

2. Preparing defense plans and legal memos for cases filed by or against our client.

3. Representing our clients either as a lawyer or arbitrator in civil and commercial disputes agreed to be settled by arbitration.

4. Providing all needed legal advices related to client’s business field and that is related to IP matters (patents – trademarks – trade names – copyrights – industrial designs