Real Estate Property

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Real Estate Property

When you are buying or selling a property, you are embarking on one of the largest financial transaction of your life. During this process the legal documents you will see can be intimidating and truly demand sound legal guidance which often requires local resource and expertise in many areas of the law.
Our legal experts can prepare and draft real estate agreements for national & international clients whether they are buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, architects or a contractor considering that leasing is a huge investment for many businesses in U.A.E.

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The firm has a very long and extensive experience in representing lessers, landlords & real estate companies as well as lessees and tenants before rent committees and can offer its judicial services to all parties in cases related to rent, lease contracts & disputes including:

  • Drafting & Executing Lease Contracts.
  • Drafting & Executing Real Estate Investment Contracts.
  • ¬†Giving Legal Opinions in matters relating to Lease Contracts.
  • Following up proceedings of execution of decisions passed by Rent Committees.