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Al Shamsi & Partners specialize in providing comprehensive arbitration services in Dubai and across the UAE. We hold great expertise in resolving a diverse range of disputes, including those related to real estate, civil, corporate, and commercial matters. With an in-depth understanding of arbitration laws and procedures, our proficient and knowledgeable advocates provide thorough legal analysis and opinions to clients. We have successfully handled numerous intricate and high-stakes arbitration cases, advocating for clients across different arbitration centers such as DIAC, ADCCAC, and the DIFC LCIA. Our commitment to providing unparalleled expertise ensures favorable outcomes and client satisfaction.

In addition to this, we also offer our services in other areas of law. Contact us now to hire corporate lawyers, intellectual property lawyers, or civil lawyers in Dubai.

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What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a nuanced and dynamic area of law that demands a deep understanding of legal intricacies. It serves as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism that offers flexibility, confidentiality, and the ability to choose arbitrators with expertise in the relevant industry. It allows parties to resolve disputes outside the traditional court system, often resulting in quicker and more cost-effective resolutions.

What We Do

Our skilled legal consultants boast extensive knowledge of arbitration, covering a spectrum of areas such as:

Arbitration Agreements

Crafting well-drafted arbitration agreements is crucial for a smooth resolution. Our team provides expert advice to ensure your arbitration clauses are carefully tailored to protect your interests and facilitate efficient dispute resolution.

Institutional Knowledge

We are well-versed in various arbitration institutions and their rules. Our team stays updated on the latest developments, ensuring that clients benefit from the most effective and current arbitration practices.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the regulatory landscape is essential in arbitration. We possess a thorough understanding of applicable rules and regulations, ensuring that clients are fully compliant and well-prepared for any dispute resolution process.

Negotiation and Settlement

The right advice during negotiations can significantly impact the outcome of disputes. Our legal team works to position clients favorably, leveraging our expertise to achieve optimal settlement results.

Why Choose Our Arbitration Services?

Unique Approach

Our approach to arbitration services is client-centric and results-driven. We prioritize a detailed analysis of our clients’ needs, tailoring our strategies to meet specific objectives.


Confidentiality is a cornerstone of arbitration, and we understand the importance of maintaining the privacy of our clients.


Our commitment to integrity ensures that your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.