Design Protection

Protecting the distinct appearance of your product holds paramount importance in the competitive business world. Al Shamsi law firm in Dubai specializes in design protection, offering expertise to safeguard the unique aesthetics of your products, both locally and globally. Our adept team understands the significance of design variability and employs a creative approach to shield your products from potential infringement. Recognizing the value of standing out in the market, we provide top-notch design protection services. Entrust Al Shamsi to ensure the preservation of your creations. Contact our legal consultants today!

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What is a Design?

The design of a product refers to its visual and aesthetic attributes, encompassing the shape, pattern, ornamentation, and other elements that contribute to its appearance. It goes beyond functionality, focusing on how the product looks and appeals to users, influencing consumer perception and market competitiveness.

Registered Design

A registered design refers to the legal protection granted to the visual appearance of a product. Obtaining registration gives the owner exclusive rights, preventing others from using, making, or selling designs without permission. It safeguards the unique and ornamental aspects of a product’s appearance.


A “product” is a tangible or intangible item resulting from a manufacturing or creative process intended for sale or use. It can range from physical goods like gadgets to services, encompassing anything that satisfies a need or wants in the market.

Protection of Registered Design

A registered design provides legal safeguards, preventing unauthorized use of the design’s visual features. This protection allows the designer or owner to control the commercial use of the design, fostering innovation by encouraging creators to invest in the development of new and distinctive designs.